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10 things you can relate to as a gardener

10 things you can relate to as a gardener 

With the first day of spring set to arrive this month, it’s almost that time again when your garden starts growing, ready for the bloom of summer.

There’s nothing quite like spending hours pottering away in your garden on a sunny afternoon, but there are just some things you’ll only understand as a gardener.

How many out of the ten below can you relate to?

  1. Your fingernails will always have that slight off-green shade. It doesn’t matter how much you try and scrub them clean, green fingers will always be a part of you.
  2. You get the same feeling walking into a garden centre as a child does when they walk into a sweet shop. Even just thinking about all those colours and smells gives you a type of sugar rush!
  3. The Chelsea Flower Show is an even bigger event for gardeners than the World Cup is for die-hard football fans. Our 3 Piece Garden Set can help you create your very own prize-winning garden.
  4. You have an endless supply of plant pots that you’re only keeping because you’ve convinced yourself they’ll come in handy one day. Sometimes you’ll dream about them because you have that many in your life!
  5. As well as a Mount Everest worth of plant pots, you’re always looking for alternatives to use as plant pots – just in case you should run out. Did you know you can use an old welly boot as a great flower container?
  6. While many people shy away indoors when the rain descends on the UK, you relish in it. A little rain isn’t going to keep you from your garden. Not only is the rain good for your plants, but it also mean you don’t have to water them. And you can spend more time doing other jobs in the garden, such as digging using our Digging Fork!
  7. You can lose hours of your life when you’re immersed in your garden, especially when it comes to the warmer seasons. In the summer, you often find yourself gardening right up until the last remnants of daylight.
  8. Seeing a flower bloom that you grew and nurtured from a seed makes you almost as proud as your child’s greatest achievement – honestly!
  9. Slugs are your worst enemy. And there’s even more bad news for gardeners this year, as the influx of wet weather this winter means we’re set for a bumper season of the pesky lettuce-eaters come springtime.
  10. You always know the best tools for the job. With spring well on its way, why not update your garden shed with our range of award-winning tools. From our unique concept designed Ecobarrow to our durable Kudu Hedge Shears, we have the garden tools to suit every garden.

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  1. I was laughing away when reading this article. It’s soooo true
    My stashed flower pots in the corner of the garden, my constant dirty hands, gardening under the flood lights and i even have a gardening rain coat (It’s easier to wash than my regular ones).

  2. Spot on , especially about the plant pots


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