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August jobs for the garden

With the summer heat taking its toll, August can be a tough month for the garden. We are between key gardening seasons, and the summer drought has made it difficult to keep our gardens looking good. Don’t fear, though – there are still plenty of jobs to keep us busy for the remainder of the summer!

Water, water, water!

Especially as it has been a dry summer, use recycled water and use it economically. If you don’t already have an underground storage tank or water butt, consider investing in one of these.

Watering newly-planted areas should take high priority, as these are the most susceptible to water-stress. Herbaceous perennials and trees or shrubs planted in recent years also need water to boost their performance in dry spells. Your lawn will be looking slightly worse for wear from the heatwave, but don’t worry – it will quickly recover when the autumn rain returns.

Try to water in the cool of the evening or very early in the morning, so less water is lost to evaporation.

Regular deadheading

Flowers lose their attraction as they fade and die, making your hanging baskets and borders look less attractive. Plants need regular deadheading to prolong flowering and encourage more blooms. You can keep on top of this job by doing it everyday – deadhead plants as you go around watering.

Bedding plants, geraniums, roses and shrubs all respond well to deadheading. Removing the faded flowers will direct energy into more flowers and stronger growth.

Our reliable and durable Bypass Secateurs are the perfect tool for deadheading!

Collect and store seeds

As well as being free, growing plants from seed is a pretty easy and fun way of increasing the number of plants in your garden.

Seeds can be saved from many trees, shrubs, perennials, herbs, alpines and bulbous plants.

Seedheads appear roughly two months after flowering and can ripen quickly, so make sure you collect them in time before they are dispersed.

It’s best to sow seeds in autumn or spring, so you’ll need to safely store the harvested seeds inside envelopes in airtight containers until they are ready to sow.

Trim hedges

Before they stop growing and the colder seasons set in, hedges, bushes and shrubs can be given a final trim. Our high quality carbon steel Kudu Hedge Shears have hardened and tempered blades that will neaten your hedges up in no time.

Plant delicious strawberries

Everyone loves strawberries, and luckily they are very easy to grow. They are best to plant in late summer or early autumn, so now is the perfect time to get started.

Strawberries grow easily and almost anywhere – in borders, containers or hanging baskets! Although they thrive in sunshine, they can tolerate some shade. They just need to be kept in fertile, well-drained soil and watered regularly.

Look after your soil with green manures

Cover bare soil by sowing green manures, a fast-growing and hardy plant.

These herbaceous perennials are often used in vegetable gardens, as their roots prevent soil erosion and their foliage smothers weeds.

If you sow while they are still green, they will improve your soil structure by soaking up nutrients and ensuring they don’t disappear in the winter rain. Digging them up the following spring will release the nutrients back to the soil.

Plant green manures such as buckwheat and fenugreek in the late summer, as these form dense foliage that will work to suppress the growth of weeds.

General maintenance

There are plenty of maintenance jobs to be done in August to keep you busy. For example, you can hoe weeds from gravel areas using our high quality Dutch Hoe and treat with a residual weed killer to prevent more weed seeds from germinating.

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