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September – Keep on trucking!

Did you know the modern British motorist now spends the equivalent of three years and four months of their lives behind the wheel of their car! Did you know that truck advertising serves as a ‘positive distraction’ for those drivers who are bored stiff on the road, in traffic! Did you know 97% of vehicle [...]

August jobs for the garden

With the summer heat taking its toll, August can be a tough month for the garden. We are between key gardening seasons, and the summer drought has made it difficult to keep our gardens looking good. Don’t fear, though - there are still plenty of jobs to keep us busy for the remainder of the [...]

How to get your children involved in the garden

Suggest gardening to your children or grandchildren as a fun activity, and you’ll probably be preparing for them to laugh in disbelief or roll their eyes at you. But the truth is, kids have a lot to gain by getting stuck into gardening. It’s educational, exciting and humbling, and instead of passively observing nature, they [...]

Flower Shows to visit this Summer

Flower Shows to visit this Summer   Want to know your carnations from your coneflowers? Wondering if it’s too late to plant your forget-me-nots? Well, don’t fear! We’ve compiled a list of some of the best flower shows to visit this summer. Whether you’re a clueless beginner or a seasoned pro, these flower festivals are [...]

How to turn your Garden into an Eco-Garden

How to turn your Garden into an Eco-Garden As a gardener, you’ll already understand the importance of caring for our environment. But have you thought about going one step further and turning your garden into a 100% eco-friendly garden? A recent report on garden trends found there’s been a rise in eco-conscious gardeners, who seek [...]

The Best Gardens to visit in Spring

The arrival of spring means it’s officially time to get back out in your garden. It might seems like it’s been a long time coming, but the frost has gone and the warmer weather is here (well, sometimes!).  Here’s our top public gardens to visit in spring to  get you inspired for your own! Image [...]

10 things you can relate to as a gardener

10 things you can relate to as a gardener  With the first day of spring set to arrive this month, it’s almost that time again when your garden starts growing, ready for the bloom of summer. There’s nothing quite like spending hours pottering away in your garden on a sunny afternoon, but there are just [...]

Jobs to do in the garden in January

Despite the cold weather and dark evenings, it’s important you don’t neglect your garden in the winter months. Here are some jobs you can be doing in your garden this month to get ready for spring.   General garden maintenance   January is a time for cleaning and general garden maintenance all in preparation for […]

Its Spring Time!

Spring is the time of plants and projects and Lasher has just the right tools to handle both! Visit any leading hardware store near you to find the perfect Garden Tools and enjoy Spring with Lasher! Happy Gardening Everyone