Poly Pick Handle

£14.99 incl VAT


Weight: 1.17kg
Volume: 0.00315m3

Unit Dimensions
Length: 0.9m
Width: 0.08m
Depth: 0.06m
Volume: 0.00432m3


Lasher Tools poly pick handle eliminates splinters and reduced risk of breakage. Due to being constructed from Polyproline they will not rot and vastly improved durability. With increased impact resistance, particularly in relevant overstrikes. They have special grooves that have been incorporated on the shaft to improve grip in the pick eye. Risk of injury diminished and better shaft design allows more comfortable use for the operator. We are proud this product is environmentally friendly with consistent product quality standards. It is estimated that the new PP handle will even out last the life span of the pick head making it not only a practical item but also cost effective. Note: Pick head not included.

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