October 25 2018 0Comment

September – Keep on trucking!

Did you know the modern British motorist now spends the equivalent of three years and four months of their lives behind the wheel of their car!
Did you know that truck advertising serves as a ‘positive distraction’ for those drivers who are bored stiff on the road, in traffic!

Did you know 97% of vehicle occupants can remember a specific advertising campaign, weeks after seeing it.

So how many times have you been driving down the road or pootling along the motorway and thought “I like the look of that truck!” . . . well now its our turn to be the trucks that are being looked at as we have now launched 5 trucks across the country for our followers to look out for!

Just look out for the trucks, which have all been named, with the bright & bold design you see on this blog and let us know via our Facebook or Instagram pages if you see them for the chance of winning a prize!

Happy spotting!


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