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How to turn your Garden into an Eco-Garden

How to turn your Garden into an Eco-Garden

As a gardener, you’ll already understand the importance of caring for our environment. But have you thought about going one step further and turning your garden into a 100% eco-friendly garden?

A recent report on garden trends found there’s been a rise in eco-conscious gardeners, who seek a more sustainable and environmentally friendly garden.

Here are a few ways you can start to turn your garden into an Eco-Garden.

No dig

No Dig is already a popular way of life for many gardeners at the moment, as highlighted by acclaimed organic gardener, Charles Dowding. This is because it’s really easy to follow and there’s plenty of benefits for both you and your garden.

The No Dig method is exactly as it sounds; you don’t dig your soil. The main reason you probably dig your garden is to get rid of weeds, but no digging actually allows your soil to develop its own aerated structure over time. Not only does it mean plants grow more easily, weeds are also less likely to grow as there’s less disturbance of the soil. With fewer weeds growing, it’s easier for you to hoe your vegetable patch. Our Dutch Hoe can assist you with your no dig garden.

The results of No Dig aren’t instant, but the two main benefits are it saves you time, and it also ensures carbon dioxide is retained in the soil. This means you can grow stronger and better quality flowers and vegetables.


How often do you find yourself having to buy new containers and pots for your new plants? You might not realise it, but you probably already own plenty of things which can be repurposed into something for your garden.

We’re sure you already own a pair of wellies and a watering can. When the time comes for your wellies to be replaced or your watering can to be upgraded, you could upcycle your old ones into a fun container to grow and display your flowers.

Other quirky objects which can be upcycled into a flower pot include old car types, leftover wooden pallets, colanders, croc shoes, buckets, and bath tubs. You could even transform your worn out garden tools into something new, and upgrade your tools with Lasher Tools’ range at the same time. Bonus points if you opt for our eco-friendly Ecobarrow!

Grow Your Own produce  

The food you buy from the supermarket may seem fresh, but it has probably been subjected to a number of processes. This could include anything from pesticides and fertilisers, to preservatives. On top of that you have the transportation and packaging of the products, meaning by the time the food reaches your mouth it has a large carbon footprint.

To drastically reduce your carbon footprint and help the environment, you could look at growing your own produce. Whether you’re a novice or a professional gardener, there’s plenty of options out there for what you can grow in your garden. Some examples of vegetables that everyone can easily grow include lettuce, tomatoes and carrots.

You’ll often hear Grow Your Own advocates exclaiming nothing tastes as good as your own produce. As well as the tasty produce, you’ll be able to cook healthily meals with produce that hasn’t been subjected to chemicals, saving yourself money and benefiting your garden too!

Eco-friendly pesticides

Garden pests such as slugs and snails can be the bane of a gardener’s life, so we understand why you may want to use pesticides. However, if you want to become more environmentally-friendly, you could try switching your any harmful pesticides for eco-friendly natural ones.

A couple of examples of natural pesticides include garlic or chili pepper spray, which can be used to repel pests such as spiders and whiteflies. Despite the strong scent repelling pests, they don’t affect the flavour of your produce.

Alternatively, you could try to encourage toads into your garden by creating their own little safe-haven. Toads are a great pesticide believe it or not, as they love to eat many of the pests we hate, including slugs, aphids, caterpillars and moths.

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